Be different,

For FTG, the proverbial line in the sand does not exist.

We boldly step outside the box.
After all, whereʼs the fun in living with restraints?
Free your potential – nurture it, allow it to flourish.
Take that first step into a new world.
There are no precedents, no certainties, no promises of success.
But that is precisely what makes the journey so thrilling.
At FTG, we cultivate our difference.
Different in a way that enables us to expand the scopes of convention,
potential, and common sense, with the ultimate aim of inspiring the “WOW” in society.



Believe in the peopleʼs potential and bring them happiness.

Inside each and every one of us lies unlimited potential. We truly believe that people have the power to bring others happiness if they firmly believe in their own potential and head for their goals without ever giving up.


What we strive for as a company

Inspiring the “WOW” in people and society.

We will help to enrich society by setting ambitious goals for the future then taking action to attain them while pursuing the “WOW” factor every single step of the way.



Make you wow!
~Bring surprise and wonder to the world~

While contemplating which services we should offer and from what stance in order to bring joy to people around the world, we share our values openly and sharpen awareness among our members while promoting constant mutual encouragement.

Relentlessly pursue goals with passion
In all things, we will maintain a positive attitude,
visualize ourselves succeeding, and relentlessly pursue our goals with unwavering passion.
Steadily make a reality
We dare to dream so stupendously that some may laugh, but with acute clarity of what we want to accomplish, we will steadily turn such dreams into reality.
Create added value
Every single time,
we will see the true nature things and create the added value that the world really needs.
Contribute to society and ourselves
Remembering to be grateful for absolutely everything,
we will contribute to not only society, but also to ourselves.
Live the ultimate life
We vow to live the ultimate life with “WOW.”


Corporate Logo
株式会社FTG Companyのロゴが表示されています。
The gradation from red to orange, our Corporate Logo expresses the transition of the emotions, surprise and joy, into “wonder.”
株式会社FTG Companyロゴの由来①創始者である双子の李兄弟を示す漢字の<双>
This symbol expresses the origin of our company name “FTG” which is short for the Japanese word “futago” (meaning “twins”) and refers to the founders, the Lee brothers.
株式会社FTG Companyロゴの由来②「人々を楽しませる心が一番大切」というスピリットを全世界共通の心を象徴するモチーフ
The heart, as a universal symbol of love, is an expression of our hope to spread the spirit of “prioritizing the attitude of bringing people joy above all else.”
株式会社FTG Companyロゴの由来③「人と本気で向き合うヒューマンビシネスをしていきたい」というFTGのスピリット
This symbol depicts two people facing one another as an expression of FTGʼs desire to promote “human-centered business where people face one another openly.”


President:LEE SUN CHOL / Vice-President:LEE SUN BON

Transitioning to a mentoring organization needed by people around the world

FTG strives to become a self-reliant organization where each and every member takes the initiative, thinks for themselves, and acts with conviction.
In other words, we wish to be a space where all of our employees can unleash their capability and individuality to the fullest and be challenged to make decisions.
At FTG, we believe our role is to bring together the materials and environment that will stimulate our memberʼs innate capabilities. It goes without saying that you are the subject of your life...which means you are also the protagonist of your life.
What you learn at our organization, “FTG,” and how you live this chapter of your life is entirely up to you.

FTGʼs brand statement is “Believe in the peopleʼs potential and bring them happiness.” Our view is that if each and every one of us believes in our own potential as well as the potential of others, and such capabilities are harnessed to the absolute fullest, then our individual growth will become priceless components of society, and such components will merge to create the mind-blowing “WOW” factor enriching our society.
Moving forward, FTG Group will offer services, businesses, and content sought by the people of the world and, true to our key theme “WOW” shared by all FTG Group companies, steadily evolve and advance to become “the worldʼs leading mentoring organization that makes you WOW.”