We are hiring!

Would you like to be a part of the FTG family?

FTG is actively seeking individuals
who wish to grow alongside us while sharing our vision of
“MAKE YOU WOW- Inspiring the “WOW” in people and society.”




“If one knows their own proposition without needing guidance, they shall never fear adventure.”
This is our message to all FTG employees and their families, as well as all stakeholders and customers.
We are truly grateful to them for creating such a wonderful workplace.

“You are the protagonist of your life”

From the moment FTG made up its mind to disseminate WOW in the world, the key focal point has been to what extent we can bring WOW to people’s work and lives leveraging the unrestrained ideas and creativity of each and every employee.
We have constantly promoted reform due to our belief that there is a need to create an environment, systems, and culture that allows people to be true to themselves when at work rather than wear a mask.
FTG is a company where promising team members pursue the WOW in their lives and exists in order to enrich the lives of all people involved with FTG.
In other words, we could be described as a mentor organization in society that also serves as a so-called “power spot.”
Our employees will learn the self-directed management we need and become people who can WOW every day!
Here's to the ultimate life full of WOW.