Basic Policy on Information Security
FTG Company, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “FTG Company”) has established and
implemented the Basic Policy on Information Security to ensure the safety of our important
information assets in order to live up to the trust of our customers and society, and to meet the
demands of a new era in which various ways of working are required.

1.Definition of Information Assets

We define information related to all business activities managed by our company as information

2.Management System and Operation

All staff members who are literate in information security will continuously inform all staff
members of our company of laws, regulations, and information security rules to instill the
importance of information security literacy and ensure that each staff member understands the
meaning of laws, regulations, and rules in performing his/her duties.

3.Implementation and Objectives of Information Security Measures

We shall keep abreast of the latest trends in information security and continuously implement
physical and technical security measures to maintain and improve the safety of information
assets while maintaining convenience and comfort, and prevent or minimize the occurrence of
information security incidents.

4.Sincere attitude and response

In the event of an information security incident, we will strive to disclose accurate information
as quickly as possible. We will also investigate the cause of the incident, formulate measures to
prevent recurrence, and take steps to ensure that similar incidents are not repeated.

5.Ongoing maintenance and revision of rules

We will keep abreast of the rapidly changing security circumstances and risks surrounding our
information assets on a daily basis, and add rules as necessary to address those risks as
appropriate. In addition, we will periodically conduct self-inspection of the rules, and maintain
and revise them as necessary.