F-POINT App Download Campaign!

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Limited Time “Out of the Box” 250 Million Yen Campaign!

~Celebrate the release of the F-POINT app and receive special offers for all brands! ~From August 10 (Tue.) to

From August 10 (Tue) to September 30 (Thu), 50,000 people who download the app will receive 250 million yen worth of coupons!

FTG Company (Head office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; President: Lee Jun Chul), which operates 98 restaurants of 7 brands worldwide, including “Osaka Yakiniku/Hormon Futago” and “GREEN BROTHERS” salad brand, will release F-POINT App on August 9 (Monday). As a campaign to celebrate the release of the application, 50,000 users will receive download privileges worth a total of 250 million yen from August 10 (Tue.) to September 30 (Thu.).

FTG Company (hereinafter referred to as “FTG”) was founded in 2010 by the representative and vice president of “Futago”, a native of Osaka. They opened their first restaurant, “Osaka Yakiniku/Hormon Futago” in Gotanda, Tokyo, as an act of filial piety, and are now celebrating their 11th year in business. With a menu rich in individuality that can be enjoyed with all five senses and highly entertaining service, we aim to be “the world’s most memorable yakiniku restaurant” and have a 60% repeat customer rate. The company aims to be “the world’s most memorable yakiniku restaurant” with a 60% repeat customer rate and 85 restaurants in Japan and overseas.

On August 9, the “F-POINT” application was finally released! We have added many new services and benefits, and are launching a new service that can be used at all FTG-operated brands. To celebrate the release, a campaign will be held to give away a total of 250 million yen worth of gifts to 50,000 people!

Campaign Information

We will deliver coupons from all six brands to 50,000 people who download the F-POINT app during the period. 50,000 people who use the coupons will receive a total of 250 million yen! If 50,000 people use the coupons, the total amount will be 250 million yen! Please take advantage of this opportunity to save on the FTG brand.

Campaign Period: Tuesday, August 10 – Thursday, September 30, 24:00

Eligibility: All customers who download the app during the campaign period

Coupon expiration date: Available for 30 days from the date of download

How to use: Present the coupon to the staff when you visit the store.

Coupon can be used only once for each brand.

For “Osaka Gyoza Specialty Store Yoshiko” mail order coupon, please enter the coupon code at the time of purchase.

Available at

All stores of “Osaka Yakiniku/Hormon Futago

HP : http://www.yakiniku-futago.com/

Instagram : @yakinikufutago.official

Twitter : @futago2515


HP  :   http://g-brothers.jp/

Instagram  : @greenbrothers025

All “NIKUTEI Futago, NIKU KAPO Futago” restaurants 

HP : https://nikutei25.com/ 

NIKUTEI Futago Instagram : @nikuteifutago.official

Niku Kappo Futago Instagram : @nikukappofutago


HP  : https://www.mds-fund.com/futago

Instagram : @yakinikufutago17st

Osaka Gyoza Specialty Restaurant Yoshiko

HP : https://gyoza-yoshiko.com/

Instagram : @gyoza445

Twitter : @gyoza_gj

About F-POINT App 

F-POINT App members will receive coupons ranging from 1,000 to 15,000 yen depending on their membership rank on their birthdays and anniversaries! In addition, you will receive campaign information and other information exclusive for app members. In addition, when you use the 6 brands operated by FTG and mail order, you can accumulate “Visit Score” and “F-POINT” and receive the following benefits according to your accumulated Visit Score and F-POINT!

▶Coming score benefit

Each time you visit a store, you will earn a score for each brand you visit, and your membership rank will increase according to your accumulated scores. Each higher membership rank comes with more luxurious privileges! There are a total of seven membership ranks, and you will receive a gold tong with your name on it and be entered into a drawing to win a trip to Japan or an overseas trip.

▶F-POINT Benefits

You can earn F-Points according to the amount you spend, and the way you use the F-Points you have accumulated is up to you! The F-POINT redemption rate increases as your membership rank increases.

Feature 1: First in the industry! F-POINTs are given to staff members as “tips”!

Feature 2: You can give and receive F-Points among your friends!

Feature 3: 1 point can be redeemed for 1 yen in the store and at mail-order stores!

You can also exchange F-Points for novelty items! There are novelty items such as original goods, Yakiniku restaurant trips by Futago staff, invitations to golf and dinner with Futago siblings, and restaurant management consultants who teach the secrets of creating a popular restaurant. There are also experience-based novelties such as invitations to golf and dinner with the Fugo siblings and restaurant management consultants who teach the secrets of creating popular restaurants.

Please check the number of points and details in the application.


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