A Space and Cuisine Born from the Fusion of the Four “IKI”

Inspired by the refined “IKI” concept, Niku Kappo Futago is a restaurant
where guests can enjoy different course meals every month.

Our tantalizing dishes come in a variety of forms including takikomi gohan,
a uniquely-blended mixed rice dish prepared by an expert chef to
complement meat, the succulent Wagyu burger, and many more.

By preparing each individual dish with the utmost care using a generous
amount of ingredients brimming with vitality, we provide a service where
we breathe as one with our guests. The authentic Japanese atmosphere
and dishware enable our guests to leisurely savor the unforgettable taste
of their food and go home with both a satisfied stomach and spirit.

In pursuit of premium quality born from the fusion of the four “IKI,” we
will no doubt welcome many food connoisseurs yet again this evening.

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