肉亭ふたご iki

Showing our heart. The 4 “Iki” of our omotenashi style

Vitality “iki”

We are uncompromising in our stance of using premium, freshest-of-the-
fresh ingredients to create the ultimate dishes with the utmost care. With

everlasting passion, we strive to provide food with true heart.

Breath “iki”

We breathe as one with our customers. Our style of omotenashi entails
class and elegance, but the primary focus is always “to breathe as one.”

Sophistication “iki”

Our traditional Japanese settings turn an ordinary day into an
extraordinary experience. The exquisite Japanese dishware infused with
the soul of the craftsperson who created them and all other elements
converge to create the ultimate dining experience.

Spirit “iki”

Elation, exuberance, and connection. These are the feelings we hope to
convey through our culinary service, and ultimately make your spirit soar.

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