Osaka Yakiniku Horumon Futago

Futago-Style Food Entertainment!!

We present you with half the amount of premium beef at half the price
and entertainment at its finest.
At Futago, we offer fixed-size servings of 50 to 60 grams per person so
that all our customers̶whether dining alone, as a couple, with the ladies,
or as family̶can savor a wider variety of menu options.
With meticulously-prepped fresh horumon as the primary focus, we offer a
variety of easy-to-eat dishes in half-portions and at half-price. Rather than
the mainstream style of yakiniku where the customer cooks their own
meat, at our restaurants, we believe in cooking the meat for our
customers so that they can savor it in its most delectable state in line with
our six-part concept including “a culinary hospitality doesnʼt end until the
food passes the lips.”
Prepared on a table-top cooker, authentic horumon bbq bursting with
nostalgia offers customers the opportunity to delight in carefully-selected
Wagyu and fresh horumon.

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